Bastille Fashion Place Grand Opening Friday November 11

 Join us this Friday, November 11th from 7:00-10:00pm for food, music, and drinks as we celebrate the opening of our second Salt Lake location at Fashion Place Mall.

Bastille Fashion Place
6191 S. State Street #A204
Murray, UT



Born in the Swedish port town of Gothenburg in 1997, Dunderdon is Sweden’s most innovative workwear company. Founded by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg, the mission at Dunderdon has always been to create clothing for craftsmen who appreciate superior construction and smart design. From the beginning, whether conceived for a blue-collar professional or a no-collar creative, every article of clothing has been created with a purpose and has seamlessly integrated both form and function.

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Men's New Arrivals : morkna 11.2.11

Introducing : morkna

mörkna: intransitivt verb
engelska – get (grow, become) dark, to darken
mörkna is an androgynous line that explores the idea of exaggerated minimalism and expression of individuality through the use of layer and texture. the mörkna collection is the result of the combined efforts of american-born designers Dave Fryer and Seth Bullough which they established in the summer of 2010. they look to stay conscious of line and volume with the careful selection of fabrics their highest priority.
Late autumn 011 will be morkna's initial season featuring a tight collection in limited quantities. The goal is to offer interesting silhouettes, amazing fabrics and the best quality construction for those looking for an alternative to traditional masculinity.  morkna is fortunate to be working with a high quality sewing factory in mid-town Manhattan and using surplus Italian fabrics, giving them new life.

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