Blog Crush


Adorable Bay Area blogger, Annabel from Blushing Ambition fame, stopped by our shop the other day. We love her style, love of Anime and indulgences on delicious Bay Area cuisine. Hope she comes back soon and congratulations to her on graduating at Berkeley!


Holly's Music Recommendations...

One non-fashion related thing we love about our store is that people seem really love the music we play, be it a podcast we love, an episode of This American Life or just some tunes that are on rotation on our iphones/ipods. These are Holly's current music recommendations. Enjoy.

Supermax, Trans Am, The Lives of Angels, DL, Chemise, Jeanette, Dada


Model Flashback


Our buddy, and former model, Deidrik stopped by the shop to buy the last Filippa K Tom Two Tone Suit (Sorry guys!). His super sweet, laidback demeanor and chiseled Swedish looks totally made us miss some good times shooting/styling photoshoots here in the Bay Area.


Always good to see his face!