Men of Style: Jean-Pierre Leaud

His face may not be particularly familiar among most households in the States, but Jean-Pierre Leaud is one of the greatest icon's in French New Wave cinema.

From his 20-year portrayal of Truffaut's Antoine Doinel to his intellectual, Marxist characters and brilliant cameos in Godard's films, Jean Pierre has always pushed the boundaries of social norm and expectation.

Without leading men like Leaud, Scott Sternberg wouldn't have French male muses for his collections and Jason Schwartzman would most likely be wearing and acting in very different films. His style, his rich multi-faceted performances and his understated French cool make him a favorite man of style.

Our take on his look:


Filippa K Christian Cord Jacket in Evergreen


46, 48, 50, 52

BOO Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt in in Gold/Navy Shade Check


S, M, L

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