Women of Style: Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton
It seems almost too easy for us to come up with stylish women who should be featured in our series on style icons (Bardot, Grace Jones, Birkin to name a few) but there isn't a lot of contemporary women now that we think represents impeccable, ageless sophistication and style in an international scale like they did. At least until we thought of Tilda.
From her underground roots as Derek Jarman's muse to her current film portrays, Tilda's versatile, powerful performances have won her not only critical acclaim (including an Oscar win) but also nods from the fashion community for her strong masculin/feminin style (she is also the face of both men's and women's lines from Pringle of Scotland).

It isn't just that she wears Lanvin and Haider Ackermann so well or that she has such androgynous beauty. We think Tilda is such an amazing style icon simply because she is such a creative intellectual and has impeccable taste in a broader spectrum other than fashion. Someone who is well read, uninhibited from challenging, often controversial work and always has an air of sophistication and grace. That, and one of the most beautiful speaking voices we have ever heard.

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