Holiday Preview


 We decided that the best way to spend a Sunday morning off was a) procrastinating b) soy hot chocolate and strong seizure-inducing coffee c) brunch at Farmer Brown and d) a holiday photoshoot with one of our favorite beauties on Earth, Lindsey.


Not only is she stunning (good Swedish genes!), but she is also witty, well-read and one of the most intelligent friends we have. She also loves my pies.


We brought a camera, but we also had our trusty smart phones snapping photos for variation. Surprisingly, the IPhone photos came out the best.

Japanese pro photog Koichi Mitsui said of the boom of professional photographers using their IPhones as tools:
Its "simplicity keeps me devoted to only composition and the perfect photo opp."

It's baffling how advanced technology is always evolving. We love this new wave of instant, portable
photography that can, with the right composition, concept and POV, become something really beautiful, fun and special for the amateur photog.


Thank you to Lindsey and Joshua for one of the most playful photoshoots we have ever done. Final photos to come...


Bastille SF

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These clothes are super fly ! Awesome look(s), everything(one) looks beautiful!