Pet Picks: Monkey

This is Monkey...at around 7:30am. She means business in the morning!

She is over 15 years, but still has lots of energy and is still a very good looking little tigress (and she knows it). She was originally owned by a talented designer we carry at our shop when she was a kitten, but landed in Holly's toasty Tenderloin apartment.

Among Monkeys favorite things:

Bobby socks (preferably white)
Vegan chicken drumsticks
white corn
Getting her picture taken

She is also tri-lingual (English, Spanish and Feline).


Even though she is a Chanel fan, Mo likes lux, plush sweaters that she can get her little claws on, like the James Perse Button Front Relaxed Cardigan or the Filippa K Chunky Roller Sweater (in her favorite color, black).

She also thinks they will make good Christmas gifts for your loved ones.



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